Custom Synthetic Golf Complexes
Beautiful & Low Maintenance Lawns
Synthetic grass your pets will love
Safe Modern Synthetic playgrounds
Sand Traps, Chipping Pads, and more
Advances Sports Turf Installations

National Greens has over twenty years of industry leading expertise in the installation of synthetic golf environments, synthetic lawns, pet areas, playground, and sport surfaces. We partner with our customers from design, development, to delivery. Customer satisfaction is our goal. Attention to detail and superior product installation has been the key to our success. Outdoor and indoor putting greens are our specialty. Whether it’s a small backyard putting green or synthetic grass par 3 course, we approach each project with the same enthusiasm. National Greens’ artificial grass division is equipped to handle artificial lawns, playground surfaces meeting federal mandate fall height safety tests, low maintenance cleanable pet areas, as well as multiple solutions for baseball fields, and soccer fields.

Detailed time lapse video of the entire build process..
Home Putting Green Indoor
Putting Greens with Bunkers and Custom Undulations
  • Backyard Putting Greens and Private Golf Complexes
  • Responsive to chips and long drives
  • Synthetic turf par 3 golf courses
  • Fully customizable, professional-grade golf greens
  • Exacting undulations and slopes – PGA Grade
  • Water hazard, island greens, and custom bunkers
  • Multi-stall driving ranges, tee boxes, and small courses
Office Putting Green
Artificial Grass for Yard and Landscaping
  • Perfectly green, primped lawn with minimal maintenance
  • No weeds, dead spots, or critters
  • Durability and Superior Drainage Controls erosion
  • Eliminates messes from muddy tracks
  • Pays for itself with no watering, mowing or pesticides
  • No fading or mildewing. Increased curb appeal and property value
Residential Putting Green
Playgrounds and Children’s Play Areas
  • Impact-mitigation padding underneath minimizes injuries
  • Protects against concussions from nine-foot falls
  • Low maintenance, simple cleaning solutions
  • Fibers designed specifically to prevent matting
  • Hypoallergenic materials that are also pet safe
  • No tracking mud from shoes indoors
  • Non-abrasive surface means no skinned knees.
  • No ants, spider, or other poisonous pests
Golf Putting Green
Dog Runs and Pet Grass
  • Proprietary installations for maximum drainage
  • Stable grass fibers and permeable backing
  • Shorter blade heights for faster clean up
  • Always green and vibrant without dead spots from pet waste
  • No more muddy paw prints on the carpet or floors
  • Prevents your dog from digging
  • Liquids quickly drain through, solids easily lifted away or hosed away
  • No fleas and ticks. No pesticides
Artificial Grass Company
Retail and Commercial Artificial grass
  • Increase curb appeal and property values
  • Lower carbon footprints with sustainable turf
  • Minimal maintenance by eliminating mowing, watering and pesticides
  • Many applications, including office complexes, parks, schools and more
  • Reduces liability from mowers throwing objects from blades
Soccer, Baseball, and Sports Turf
  • High-performance surfaces for soccer, baseball, etc.
  • Mitigate injuries with smooth, consistent surfaces
  • Save money and eliminate down time from mowing and watering
  • Optional cushioning underneath the turf for less fly-back infill
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Generates revenue when other natural fields are wet


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Maintenance Program

Do you want to keep your synthetic turf looking like new? National Greens offers a complete maintenance program to protect your investment against the weather and also regular wear and tear. Learn more about our grass maintenance program by going to our contact page or click here.

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