The Woodlands Putting Green & Artificial Grass

Synthetic Lawn & Landscape

The Woodlands is one of the fastest growing and most unique places in the United States. This master planned community has nearly doubled in population since 2000. It spans both Montgomery County and Harris County. Its ten villages have some of the most beautiful homes in Texas. A big part of those charming houses is the curb appeal, particularly their lawns.

National Greens has served all ten villages of The Woodlands for over two decades. From the parks of Alden Bridge to the abodes in Indian Springs, National Greens has influenced the beauty and allure of the entire area. The Woodlands is one of the greenest areas around Montgomery and Harris counties, literally and figuratively. Home and businesses install synthetic turf not only to lessen their carbon footprints, but also for the aesthetic value.

We have a wide variety of artificial turf to choose from to fit your specific needs. Keep The Woodlands beautiful not only with a perfectly-manicured, green lawn, but also by reducing your carbon footprint and preserving precious water supplies.

Synthetic Golf Environments and Backyard Putting Greens for The Woodlands TX

All nine golf courses in The Woodlands are private. The Woodland Country Club is perhaps one of the most dynamic experiences for golfers in the United States. It has three courses totaling 63 holes. Gary Player and Arnold Palmer designed the course, all of which have breathtaking scenery and challenging holes. Public courses are nearby. But those who do not wish to travel outside the borders of The Woodlands for golf must build their own golfing environment. Enter National Greens.

We build synthetic golf environments for both homes and businesses. National Greens specializes in golf studios, simulators, and driving ranges that offer realistic experiences. We’re able to build your synthetic golf environment within the confines of whatever space you have. Those with higher ceilings and square footage can have indoor driving ranges. You can test space requirements. If you can swing “Big Bertha” unabated in the desired space, we can do the rest. Otherwise we can still create a very engaging environment for practicing your irons and pitching wedges. Either way the synthetic turf makes the environment feel like you’re out on the links.

National Green is also your go-to source for golf simulators. Sure you’ve played on those pricey simulators in bars and restaurants that cost upwards of $75,000. We have a wide selection of simulators that meet the budgets of most golf fans. Golf simulators offer hours of entertainment. You and guests can play full 18-hole courses right from the comfort of your home in The Woodlands.

Contact us today to learn more about indoor golf environments and golf simulators.

Synthetic Grass Playgrounds and Play Grass for Woodlands, TX

The Woodlands, like most of Texas, has hot summers and mild winters. That means children are outside playing year-round. Poison Ivy grows pretty much everywhere in Texas except for El Paso and other parts of the western panhandle. Many adults have heard the old saying “leaves of three, beware of thee.” It refers to the three-leaf clusters that identify poison ivy. It also refers to the three types: poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac. Synthetic turf playgrounds eliminate the risk of children having severe allergic reactions to poison ivy and much more.

National Greens is the complete solution for your playground ideas. The Woodlands is a family-oriented city with a vast majority of households having at least one child. National Greens has installed synthetic turf surfaces on playgrounds for over two decades. It mitigates injuries from falls because of the materials in the grass blades. The foam padding underneath is softer than solid Earth, lessening the impact of falls from monkey bars, swings, etc.

No need to outsource any aspect of your artificial turf playground project. National Greens sources all the equipment and provides a wide variety for clients to choose from. Safety and quality are always our priority when constructing your synthetic turg children’s play areas.

Synthetic Athletic Fields

The Woodlands is known for its 160 miles of trails linking all the villages, parks, schools, etc. But many residents use the trails for biking, walking, roller blading and other exercise activities. Soccer, softball, baseball and rugby are the most popular sports in town. National Greens makes those sports more enjoyable for spectators and, more importantly, the athletes.

We offer a wide variety of synthetic field turf for every sport. Our surfaces maximize athletic performance while mitigating injury risks. But the best part about artificial turf is the low maintenance schedule. No longer are athletic associations, schools and professional teams hindered by downtime due to mowing, watering and repairing fields after athletic competitions. That means maximum profits due to always using the field for its intended use and better-prepared athletes who are able to practice on demand.

National greens separate itself from the competition because of our personalized service. We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to athletic surfaces. Our clients are thoroughly briefed on all the different types of athletic field synthetic turf and given the best recommendations for their situation. National Greens personalizes your artificial turf surfaces with logos, decals, yard lines and all the other necessary markers for your particular sports and uses.

Soccer is fast-becoming America’s most popular sports, particularly due to youth soccer and parental involvement. Give the kids in your community the gift of synthetic turf athletic surfaces and watch them thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

Pets & Synthetic Grass

Texas is ranked fourth in the country by for dog ownership. In fact 58% of Texas households have some sort of pet. But dogs are by far the most popular companion and family addition. The greatest gift for your dogs and household at-large is synthetic grass pet areas right on your property.

National Greens understand how important family dogs are in The Woodlands. We have installed artificial turf for dog parks that is easy to maintain. But our biggest impact in the community is installing synthetic turf pet areas for local households. Artificial grass pet areas prevent your dogs from digging and destroying your lawn. It also minimizes the risks of your dog bringing fleas into the house. The prospect of muddy paw prints is completely eliminated.

Synthetic grass pet areas are easy to clean with a house and broom. Drainage mechanisms ensure minimal odor and thus keep flies and other insects away. Give your dog and household the gift of a synthetic grass pet area.

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