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Backyard Putting Greens

We install PGA level synthetic putting greens in backyards for The Woodlands community for 6 years. Started over 2 decades ago, National Greens uses golf turfs that mimic every aspect you would find at your local country club. When investing in your own personal golf green, you have many choices. We cater to a select group of customers that care about customization, quality, and customer service. National Greens ranks near the top within the world as creators of recreational, as well as professional synthetic putting greens and golf environments. When you invest in a National Greens of The Woodlands synthetic putting green you have countless benefits to help lower your strokes approaching the green, put less puts on the green, and even improve drive mechanics in a custom artificial grass driving net.

Are you an avid golfer? If so, our greens will change your game drastically. You do not have to be a pro in order to appreciate owning your own artificial putting green at home or the office. specialty option to truly make your green unlike any other.

Let National Greens of The Woodlands create a custom synthetic putting environment for you. The information and estimate for the putting green of your dreams is absolutely free, and is only a phone call, text, or e-mail away.

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Synthetic Lawns

Your new Woodlands synthetic lawn will be the talk of the neighborhood. National Greens of The Woodlands synthetic grass can be applied to any Woodlands garden or lawn, including roof terraces, decks, and patios.

National Greens of The Woodlands synthetic grass is 100% bacteria and mold resistant, perfect for pool areas. Grass, weeds, and roots cannot grow through the specialized backing. Our artificial lawn and infill are incredibly child friendly which makes it a perfect surface for endless playing and rolling on.

Never gets muddy, never gets damaged. Synthetic grass is the best choice for a lawn at your Woodlands residence or business. You can also drastically decrease your water bill! No more mowing, watering, poisoning or other weekly maintenance to your lawn. Artificial grass will look perfectly green and well maintained all the time. Make your home or business look beautiful year round with a fraction of the cost and time to maintain.

Artificial grass estimates are always free courteous and fast. Contact us today for a look at why turf would be perfect for your Woodlands property. 

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Playground Surfacing

Playgrounds need to be constructed to the highest safety standards, and one important safety factor is your choice of surface. Synthetic playground grass from National Greens of The Woodlands is specifically designed to be an easily maintained solution for traditional playground surfaces.

Synthetic grass has some of the most modern safety features built into it. Artificial playground turf has a thick foam cushion incorporated into its construction, as well as shock absorbing rubber pellets that work together to provide a pillow-like cushion for anyone who might fall onto it. If you are building a playground with raised play structures, ensure the fun and safety of everyone with synthetic playground grass from National Greens of The Woodlands.

At National Greens of the Woodlands, we have the skill and experience to work with you to design the exact playground you have envisioned for the space you have available. However, if you have an existing playground structure that you want to upgrade to modern safety standards with synthetic playground grass, we also have extensive experience working on an already established play area. Even if you don’t have enough room for play structures, we can still work with you to design a safe, fun and clean outdoor play space for your children.

So when you’re ready to bring the safest surface, most beautiful and easiest to maintain choice to your playground, look to National Greens of the Woodlands to help you install high quality synthetic playground grass. Call 1-866-475-2170 now for a free consultation. A shock absorbing pad, one of the crucial safety components, is then placed over the crushed granite at a thickness that can be determined by you as your playground requires. Silica sand is laid over the absorbing pad, to act as a drainage layer, and finally, granulated rubber is applied to form a firm, safe surface.

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