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Synthetic Lawn & Landscape

The 2020 Wallethub Best Real Estate Markets report ranked Austin, Texas as the seventh-best city to buy a home in the United States. Austin took the top spot in Forbes’ best cities to invest in real estate in 2015. The city’s technology sector is fueling its real estate market, as home prices soar and inventory shrinks. Curb appeal is vital to maximizing home values and protecting your most expensive investment. National Greens has you covered in that department.

Synthetic grass is the perfect addition to any home or business in the Austin area. National Greens customers often mention the low maintenance and versatility of artificial grass. Mowing and watering are no longer necessary to have a perfectly-manicured lawn. There is no need for pesticides, which allows kids and pets to roam free without the health risks. Synthetic turf improves your overall lifestyle by freeing up precious hours to spend more time on work and/or with family.

National Greens offers a wide array of turf styles and colors for all landscaping projects. We install our artificial turf on any surface, whether indoors or out. Synthetic grass applications are not limited to simple lawn replacement. We create extraordinary outdoor and indoor environments created solely from your imagination. Some examples include waterfalls, stonework, walkways, gardens, and much more. Every project starts with an idea. National Greens brings those ideas to life on time and within your budget.

Synthetic Golf Environments

Austin is known for its variety of public and private golf courses across the area. Hyatt Regency Lost Pines features densely-wooded ridgelines in beautiful Texas Hill Country. Lion’s Municipal has been opened since 1924 and offers very affordable options for golfers of any skill level. Now you can have your own putting greens and driving ranges on private property.

National Greens specializes in synthetic turf golf environments. We use computer-aided design to turn your putting green, bunker and driving range ideas into reality. Our installations utilize both non-sand infills and sand infills. The latter adds extra weight to the top of the turf, keeping it in place. It also provides stability and protection from damage.

Several PGA players endorse our work because we keep their games sharp. Our advanced computer-aided design techniques allow us to recreate any golf hole and green on the planet. National Greens is your complete solution whether you want the 12th hole at Augusta or the 5th hole at Pinehurst. Your private putting green will have all the same playing characteristics of your favorite holes in the world.

You can have an artificial putting green as simple as an indoor short game or as complex as a multiple putting green golfers paradise with sand traps, chipping areas, and beautiful landscaped surroundings. But perhaps your imagination is better than the professionals who have been designing golf greens for decades. We offer a large variety of synthetic golf surface options for the perfect backyard golfing environment just for you. Each putting green is designed in conjunction with existing landscapes to maximize performance.

National Greens offers custom flags and chipping pads options for your specific project. Putting greens can be single or multiple hole applications. Design features like sand traps, water hazards, custom lighting and many other amenities are also available. We create professional tour quality synthetic putting greens with custom green speeds

Synthetic Playgrounds

A 2010 study by the Harvard School of Public Health found that exposure to organophosphates in pesticides made children twice as likely to develop ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity-Disorder). Kids play outside year-round in Austin because of relatively mild temperatures. The best way to minimize pesticide exposure is to eliminate natural grass altogether in play areas.

National Greens has solutions for all your playground projects. We prioritize safety and functionality in all playground applications. Our synthetic turf not only mitigates injuries due to falls, but also from friction-related scrapes. Synthetic playground grass has graded surfaces with thick foam cushions hidden beneath its surface. The grass fibers are filled with small shock-absorbing rubber pellets that provide a pillow-like cushion. The best part is what no mowing, watering or pest control is required.

National Greens installs synthetic playground turf with new or pre-existing equipment. Our suppliers have a wide range of swing sets, slides, monkey bars and other equipment to fit your needs. We also build sandboxes. National Greens is your complete solution for synthetic turf applications and playground equipment in Austin.

Synthetic Athletic Fields

Americans have always had a complicated relationship with soccer. In fact we are the only nationality that refers to the sport as “soccer,” while the rest of the world calls it “football.” But soccer is carving out a powerful niche in the United States. Nielsen Sports found that interest in Major League Soccer grew 27% from 2012 to 2018.

FIFA Magazine named the United States the top country in the world for youth soccer participation in 2006. The term “soccer mom” was born in 1995 as a result of this surge in youth soccer participation. Austin, Texas is a soccer town, with the city ranked fourth in the USA for FIFA viewership, according to Fox Sports.

National Greens installs playing surfaces for soccer, baseball, softball and other sports. Our synthetic grass is designed to withstand heavy traffic without all the downtime for maintenance. Teams can thus practice and play more frequently, while facility owners maximize income due to less downtime. We are the complete solution for both indoor and outdoor synthetic field turf installations.

Our artificial field turf plays, looks, and wears better than natural grass. Minimal maintenance means lower operating cost versus natural grass. Pee wee leagues, schools, private sports clubs and professional teams enjoy returns on their investments and the benefits of keeping their athletes active and better prepared than the competition.

National Greens designs and installs athletic field surfaces based on your specific needs and budget. We also offer custom logos, field lettering and numbering services. National Greens is the premier athletic field turf designer and installer because we understand the technology and the industry overall. Our turf is engineered to maximize player performance while simultaneously improving safety.

Pets & Synthetic Grass

Austin, Texas is ranked third among U.S. households for percentage of homes with pets, according to the American Housing Survey. National Greens understands that pets are family members in many households. We design low maintenance, high durability dog runs that look great year round whether you one dog or 20 pets on the property. Bald spots and muddy paws are a thing of the past. Synthetic grass is easy to clean and maintain. Artificial turf also prevents dogs from digging and rodents from burrowing underneath. Give your pet the gift of synthetic turf.

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