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Made In the USA: National Greens’ supply chain is made up of 100% American companies

Let’s be honest – everything is cheaper in China because it’s made by low-wage workers who cannot even support themselves after 50-hour work weeks. Chinese-made products are also not held to the same quality assurance levels of our American suppliers. National Greens keeps the U.S. economy strong, while lower carbon footprints one company and one household at a time.

Mercury and Lead Free

National Greens understands that our synthetic turf is used for children’s play areas, pet areas, and other applications with vulnerable populations. Our products are thoroughly tested pursuant to local, state and federal regulations. National Greens turf is manufactured to the highest standards and is always back by our quality guarantee.


Chinese-made turf is always cheaper than American-made turf because it is not held to the same rigorous standards. Many Chinese manufacturers restrict third-party inspectors for fear of scrutiny. All of our products are made in the USA. All of our suppliers are located in the USA. Our products are safe for you and the environment.


National Greens turf utilizes recyclable materials that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. We also use urethane backing for some of our products. The cheaper products use latex or other materials that are not near as durable. Some of our customers have the same synthetic turf installation from over a decade ago. It is still bright green and vibrant.


National Greens uses only high-quality products that stand up to rigorous durability testing. We do all the backend work so you can enjoy your artificial turf installation with minimal maintenance and high return on investment. You’re also doing your part in lowering carbon footprints.

Buy American, strengthen the economy, and support small businesses

Supply chains have been disrupted completely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only does it now take a very long time to get products from overseas, but also they do not pass the same safety and durability standards. It’s difficult to find a point of contact with Chinese suppliers and even when you do, there will be a language barrier that slows communication. All National Greens products are 100% American made. Everything is also backed by our quality guarantees and warranties.


Jeremy Still, owner and operator of National Greens, shares his experiences with overseas suppliers that led to his own American Revolution. READ MORE

1. Alibaba and Ali Express have every product you can imagine. But who is behind those products? What is their QA process?

In the early days of National Greens, we tried out numerous suppliers all across the globe. I quickly learned of the positive with price and quality – the lower the price, the lower the quality. But some of these products were completely unusable. Many had strong chemical odors. Others shed grass blades everywhere upon unrolling it. We’d ask for specs sheet, only to be met with stalling tactics or being ignored. These companies made us the best deals to maximize our profits. But our mission from the beginning was being both budget-friendly and high quality.

Transparency is the key to trust between a company and its clients. It took us several years to settle on manufacturers, suppliers and installers that we feel meet the National Greens standard. We have quarterly meetings every year with all of our major suppliers. Our installers are required to keep up with all changes in the industry and pass knowledge tests once every year. Further, American manufacturers and suppliers are always ahead of the curve when it comes to technological advances and methods related to installation and design.

2. Are synthetic turf installations “set it and forget it?”

Nothing in life is that easy. The life of synthetic turf is positively correlated with the quality of the product. National Greens synthetic turf products are built to withstand the harshest of Minnesota winters and the hottest, driest summers of Phoenix. But just like well-built vehicles that go for 300,000-plus miles, regular maintenance is needed to maximize your artificial turf. You can do it yourself or schedule an appointment with one of our technicians.

3. Our warranties provide extra layers of protection.

You’re taking a major risk buying synthetic turf from an overseas manufacturer. Not only is it difficult to pin down a point of contact with decision-making authority, but it’s also impossible to enforce warranties. Not with National Greens.

The industry standard is 15-year warranties for most large synthetic turf applications. Warranties can be that long because of high-quality products that are built to last. But National Greens also backs our work. We don’t just install your turf and disappear. We guarantee the quality and integrity of our work for the life of your purchase. Our representatives are always a phone call or email away. This is not the case with overseas suppliers. You’re lucky to have some sort of email contact. But then getting overseas manufacturers to honor implied or otherwise warranties is a major challenge that we discovered early on.

You’ll save money on the front end buying from overseas. But you’ll lose it on the backend.

4. National Greens let you know exactly what you’re getting and where it came from.

There’s no real way to confirm whether overseas suppliers are really manufacturers or just warehouses holding many company’s products. National Greens is headquartered in the heart of Texas.

5. Cheap turf will eventually show its true colors.

That means it will lose its shiny, lustrous green color and you’ll lose green from your wallet replacing it. Cheap turf is made by individuals working for slave wages. They do not love their jobs, their bosses, or the companies they work for. This reflects in the quality of the product. Just like everything in life, you get what you pay for. The least expensive is rarely the best option.

6. We dominate on the course. So support American suppliers.

Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods dominated golf for decades. Now the young American golfers like Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth are ensuring we remain a dominant force in the sport for decades to come.

The COVID-19 pandemic has decimated small businesses in the USA. Some estimates are as high as 35% of American small businesses that closed permanently due to COVID-19. We owe it to ourselves, our neighbors and our country to buy everything American. That includes synthetic turf. National Greens sources all of its products from American suppliers. Choosing National Greens means you’re supporting several other American companies at the same time.



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