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While bocce ball as a sport may be over 5,000 years old, it is quickly regaining popularity across the nation with the use of modern artificial turf. Bocce ball is a fairly simple game, with the only goal being to toss your team’s ball closest to the smaller target ball, but it has been becoming more popular due to that simplicity and the fact it can be played anywhere, and at any time.

If you’re thinking of installing an artificial bocce ball court to host your family and friends, look to National Greens of The Woodlands for the best in modern bocce ball court surfaces. Artificial grass is perfect as the surface for your bocce ball court.

One of the most basic of these advantages is that turf from National Greens will be designed by our experts to be perfectly level, offering an ideal surface. In addition, the artificial turf element will emulate the natural friction of grass, simulating all the elements of professional bocce ball play.

Lastly, the state of the art drainage system that forms an essential component of our artificial turf installations will make your artificial turf available to use no matter what the weather conditions have been. Artificial turf offers many other distinct advantages as a bocce ball court and as part of any landscaping design. It is designed to be a much safer, cleaner surface, protecting children, pets, and guests from fall impacts and protecting clothing from dirt and grass stains. Artificial turf also remains beautiful year round with minimal maintenance costs, making it a strong, long lasting landscaping investment.

We are committed to designing bocce ball court installations that fit your Woodlands home or facility, so contact National Greens of The Woodlands today to learn more about installing a synthetic bocce ball court or any other artificial turf features.

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