The Benefits of Using Artificial Grass

The Benefits of Using Artificial Grass

There are several reasons as to why artificial grass is beneficial compared to natural grass. Over the years artificial grass has become increasingly popular in both commercial and residential establishments.

The first reason is the little amount of attention an artificial lawn needs making it suitable for busy people. The grass does not need to be trimmed at all unlike natural grass. This saves a lot of time and money which would have otherwise been spent buying lawn mowers and fueling them.

Artificial grass is convenient and cost effective in arid areas due to the fact that it does not require any irrigation. Having a natural lawn will require installation of irrigation systems which will also need constant maintenance and result in high water expenses. Water is also conserved in the process which is a plus in terms of conserving the environment.

Constant use of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides can be quite an expense and dangerous if they are to be used often.

Artificial grass is all synthetic hence does not require any nutrients once it has been laid in place. It isn’t susceptible to pests nor is it affected by weeds hence has no costs related to weed and pest control.

During extreme weather conditions, it maintains its original look ensuring that it remains attractive and appealing.

Natural grass tends to change color especially during the dry season unless a lot of time and money is spent on its maintenance. Artificial grass also has an even color all through unlike natural grass which has unevenly colored patches

Natural grass requires soil in order for it to grow and this means that there is a lot of dirt involved in its planting and maintenance. For homesteads with children, this dirt constantly finds its way into the house especially during wet seasons when people walk into the house with muddy shoes. Artificial grass is therefore a much cleaner alternative.

Benefits Of Artificial Grass For Sports Turf

It is the best choice for sports establishment owners because it can withstand long periods of use. Natural grass can only be used for a few hours at a time unlike artificial grass which can be used more frequently and for much longer periods. It can therefore be utilized for maximum profit.

There are some environments that are too hostile for natural grass to grow such as extremely arid areas or places with little natural light. Artificial grass is the way to go in such scenarios because it does not need sunlight or water. An example of such an environment is an indoor stadium.

Artificial grass is also ideal for swimming pool surrounds and roof gardens where the use of soil and natural grass is not a suitable option. Having natural grass for a swimming pool surround will result in contamination of the water by pesticides, herbicides and fertilizer used on the grass. Some soil may also end up in the pool.

Finally, artificial grass is the best option for places where maintenance of the lawn is a problem such as in homesteads inhabited by elderly people. Maintaining natural grass is a bit of a task and is best done by people within a specific age bracket.

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