Synthetic Lawns

Synthetic Lawns

Artificial grass is the most wanted decorative type of material that has caught the eyes of the world. It was David Chaney in the year 1960, who developed this artificial turf. His team consisted of people from North Carolina who worked towards this new invention. Though it gained little limelight at that time, now it has reached great heights. It has gained popularity slowly and steadily. Now, more and more people opt to choose synthetic grass instead of the real one as there are many benefits.

Initially, there was a fear about the use of artificial grass and whether it was safe. But now it has proved through research and development that it is quite safe and there is no need to fear any hazard. It is not only available everywhere, but there are a lot of varieties to choose from. They range from very expensive ones to rather reasonable ones as well. In fact, you can just think of a variety of synthetic grass and there is already a manufacturer for it.

Surveys show that the growth of the use of artificial grass has been fantastic. People have started to use them in various fields. You can see them on the sports field, private gardens, public places, and even in resorts. It has been used as a decorative material for both indoors and outdoors. In fact, there are a lot of interior designers who go in for these types of grass as they are very easy to install. You will find them around swimming pools, rooftops, exhibition stands, reception areas, window liners, and basically anywhere.

The main advantage of using artificial grass is they help in saving time and money. The maintenance is very easy and extremely low for anyone. The appearance of green grass in one’s place increases the lifestyle double fold. The regular upkeep of the grass is very simple. As there are no weeds, there are no insects, which in turn negate the use of fertilizers. Basically, it is for people who are very busy and may not be able to maintain an original lawn which may require regular pruning, watering and adding chemicals to maintain. It may also help people who are allergic to grass and have health problems like asthma. One other point is that your neighbors may envy your garden, which looks green throughout the year.

Owners are mainly interested in artificial grass as they give a lot of importance to the outlook of the garden. These look lush green throughout the year. This reduces the maintenance cost including watering them and keeping them fresh. Owers find this very convenient as they don’t have the problems of slippery floors in winter or drought conditions in summer. In fact, when people go on vacation, they find resorts with synthetic grass that have a classy look at all times of the year. You need not worry about pets spoiling the grass or shoes smashing them. You also get to do your bit of contribution by saving water. So, with so many advantages, everyone would like to go for grass that is low in cost and maintenance.

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