History and Development of Artificial Grass

History and Development of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is a type of man-made grass that is used as an alternative to natural grass. It looks like natural grass except that it is not alive as natural grass. It is made with synthetic fibers. However, it performs the functions of natural grass. Many people are now using artificial grass for landscaping and gardening. It has a great visual appeal if it is used for decorative purposes. There are other advantages that artificial turf has over natural grass. This is why since its introduction many people preferred using it rather than using the natural grass for landscaping and other purposes.

The use of artificial turf for the construction of sports fields, landscaping, gardening and other decorative purposes did not start in the 21st century. It has a history that dates back to the middle of the 20th century. Artificial grass was first used in 1966 in the Astrodome in Houston Texas for the construction of an American football pitch. The artificial grass was installed in the largest world stadium for indoor sports.

This initial move was a success because in the succeeding decades, many people have started using artificial grass for a number of reasons. It was during this time that its use was extended to outdoor purposes and for the construction of outdoor stadiums in the US and Canada.

Artificial grass was not welcomed with some concerns and issues. The major issue on the use of the artificial turf for the construction of sports fields was that it could cause burns as well as blisters. Secondly, it was believed that synthetic grass lacked the cooling effects of natural grass. But the declaration of the Stanford Research Institute and National

The Football League helped to clear up these issues. These bodies made it clear that artificial turf has no health hazard to footballers playing on it. This declaration also boosted the use of the synthetic turf also known as fake turf in the construction of fields, landscape and garden.

There was massive acceptance of artificial turf and by 1972 artificial turf was used in constructing many football fields.

Artificial Grass History in NFL

The NFL Super Bowl was played for the first time on a field made with artificial fields in 1972. This game took place in Tulane Stadium, New Orleans. Fields made from synthetic grass were also used in playing the Super Bowls in 1974, 1975 and 1978.

Improvement in the contemporary technology is also seen in the fabrication of the artificial turf. Some of the imperfections of the previous artificial grass were overcome in the 1990s. Softer and less abrasive turfs were introduced thanks to the introduction of polyethylene. With this breakthrough, many people started using artificial turf for the construction of fields, landscape and gardens.

The dynamic nature of technology also led to the use of rubber rather than sand infill in the constructions of fields made with artificial grass. This offers players and any person relaxing on the artificial turf a softer surface.

Artificial turf has become widely accepted today owing to some of the benefits that can be derived from its use.

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