Field Turf

Field Turf

Almost any sport can greatly benefit from the use of our artificial turf solutions. Discover why most professional teams use modern synthetic playing surfaces. Safer playing, improved player performance, and unparalleled consistency are only a few of the major benefits clients can expect. Synthetic grass playing surfaces are great for schools, professional sports teams, churches, youth centers, neighborhood/city parks or even your seriously dedicated private athlete. The technology of artificial sports surfaces has grown dramatically in recent years. Our turf is specifically engineered to improve player performance while also improving safety at the same time. Every surface is finely tuned to provide the client with the playing characteristics they prefer.

National Greens  artificial turf can withstand significantly more use than natural grass and can therefore be used much more frequently. This allows teams to practice and play more frequently as well as sports ground owners to generate more income from their facilities. Indoor field installations allow for year round practice and play on a surface matched to your outdoor competition surface. This gives your team a true home playing advantage. Our field turf plays, looks, and wears better than natural grass. All while costing you dramatically less money to maintain than natural grass.

All our competitive turf installations come dressed with small recycled shock absorbing rubber pellets. These pellets absorb under high pressure protecting players from impact injuries. These rubber beads also allow for improved acceleration and deceleration while running, molding perfectly to any cleat pattern. We use pellets designed to fall away from players and playing equipment so it stays where it is laid.

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