Facts about Artificial Grass

Facts about Artificial Grass

Artificial grass was introduced in the 1960s as substitutes for natural grass. It looks like natural grass in every aspect except that it is not alive. Though there is a wide acceptance of synthetic grass as it is also called, there are some facts about it that many people do not know. Some of the facts about fake turf bother on the usage. Here are some of them.

Artificial grass was first used in the construction of the largest sport field in Houston, Texas. Just as natural grass, many sports can be played on a field constructed with artificial grass. However, this does not mean that any sport can be played on such fields. In the first instance, though artificial turf has many advantages over natural grass, it lacks the durability of well maintained natural grass. It is not advisable to play sports such as javelin and shot put on fields constructed with artificial grass.

This is due to the base of the field. If such sports are to be played on artificial turf, special bases should be set up for the games. Those sports that require specific demands on the field like the ones mentioned above should not be played on such a field unless a specific treatment is provided for them. In other words, any type of sports played on fields that have natural grass can also be played on fields that are made from artificial grass.

Some of the sports that can be played on artificial turf are football, hockey, baseball and others.

Artificial Grass Facts: It Saves Your Water Bill

Artificial grass can also be used under any climatic condition. Originally, the synthetic grass was made to be used in regions that have shortage of water supply or regions with prolonged hot periods. This is because artificial grass does not need any water in order to retain its green color. Today, it can be used in any area. In fact, virtually every country in the world today has one or more fields that are constructed with artificial grass even in the developing world.

There is the tendency for some people to think that artificial grass is used in the construction of sports fields. This is far from the truth. It can be used in any area where natural grass is used and for any purpose which natural grass can serve.

As it has been above, it is a real substitute for natural grass. There are homes today that use fake grass in building their home’s landscape, lawn and garden. You will also find hotels, parks and places of interest that are decorated with artificial grass.

Artificial grass is used also for decorative purposes. If you have been to trade shows, you should have noticed decorations made with artificial grass. Many businesses are also putting synthetic grass on the windows of their shops.

There are many applications of artificial grass. It can be used for children’s playgrounds. In fact, it is very safe to be played on by children because of its soft and non-abrasive texture. Pets can also lie on them.

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