Artificial Grass Vs. Natural Grass

Artificial Grass Vs. Natural Grass

Artificial grass has become a sought after choice for homeowners and commercial property owners. The advanced manufacturing techniques along with an increased awareness of long term economic and environmental benefits make artificial turf an ideal option for residential landscapes, hotels, resorts, restaurants, sports clubs and golf grounds. If you want to buy and install synthetic grass, you need to understand the difference between the two of them and how the synthetic grass outweighs natural grass.

The most important difference between artificial grass and natural grass is that there is less maintenance with synthetic grass. You can use natural grass for a maximum of 250 to 300 hours in a year, while artificial turf can be used year round. It requires less maintenance, when compared to natural turf. The cost of maintenance is also much lower.

You need not invest in lawn mowers or buy seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides. Natural grass needs regular irrigation, fertilization, and mowing, in order to look lush and attractive. Artificial turf manufactured using sophisticated technologies helps you get a fresh, luscious lawn all through the year. This means investing in artificial turf is beneficial in all aspects.

In modern life, most of us do not find time to meet all our responsibilities. Natural grass consumes a lot of time in maintenance. Mowing the lawn can take several hours out of your week. Artificial grass is therefore a perfect option for today’s lifestyle. However, it offers benefits to all types of people, seniors who cannot mow their lawns physically and vacationing homeowners, who cannot look after the lawn regularly, get more advantages from synthetic grass than others.

You can install artificial turf in areas that receive more traffic. In some special circumstances, artificial grass is a better option than natural turf. If you have kids and pets at home or you want to create a child/pet friendly atmosphere in your hotel or resort, artificial grass can be of great use.

Artificial Grass Is Safe

The fibers used to make artificial grass are so soft that it offers a safe and comfortable surface to your kids and pets. It is easy to clean and keep hygiene. Pet urine, feces, human sweat, and debris in natural grass are very difficult to clean. If you leave them as such, they can create health problems. Artificial grass is a great choice in the area around the swimming pool. Water splashing out of the pool does not create muddy areas. Artificial grass is free from dust and dirt, so you need not worry about dirtying your clothes and shoes, while playing or walking in the lawn.

You can consider installing artificial grass on your roof, if it is not strong enough to support natural grass. Artificial turf fills the place beautifully. It also relieves you from the worry of grass clippings. Artificial grass is more beneficial than natural grass in regions where the climate is hot and dry and water usage is restricted. Natural grass does not look green and juicy, if it does not get sufficient water.

Artificial grass can also help the environment, as it eliminates carbon emissions from petrol or gas driven lawn mowers.

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