Artificial Grass Caring Tips

Artificial Grass Caring Tips

Artificial grass can give you a great looking lawn without watering, mowing and fertilizing. It is an excellent alternative to natural grass, especially if you have no time to take care of a thriving lawn or if you live in a place where water is scarce and climate is dry. Synthetic grass also saves you a lot of money in maintenance. However, it is not totally free from maintenance. You need to care for it to enhance its lifespan and to keep it looking awesome all the time. You can follow some useful tips to care for your artificial lawn.

Artificial grass can become dirty over time. Pet urine, feces, human sweat, and blood may deposit in the grass, causing sanitary problems. Power washing or pressure washing or using a sprinkler setting is one of the best tips to clean it.

Washing helps your artificial grass look new within minutes. Power or pressure washing the turf is much easier and faster than washing a deck or patio. While washing the turf, you need to keep the wand nozzle one foot away in order to prevent any damages.

You can even add liquid dish soap to your pressure washer. Soap can help remove dirt and odor caused by pet urine and feces. It is however advisable to consult with the lawn care specialist, before using soap. The lawn care professionals can also advise you on how to use the power washer on the artificial lawn. You can even test a small area to ensure that the soap does not damage the artificial grass.

If you have plants and trees around the artificial grass, the dry leaves may fall down and make the grass dirty. You need to clean the leaves and debris using a rake or blower. You can also sweep them using a push broom. It is important to pull any weeds in the artificial grass. If you leave garden furniture on synthetic grass for a long period, it would flatten your turf. It is advisable to change the place of furniture frequently. Rake your artificial grass against the grain, so that it can take back its original position.

Artificial Grass Helps Your Lawn Look New And Beautiful

Fluffing your artificial grass every year can help make your lawn look new and beautiful. While fluffing, you can remove soda cans, grasses, and other debris. Fluffing can help extend the life of your artificial turf. Foot traffic by you, your family members, and others generally do not affect the beauty and lifespan of the artificial turf. However, traffic in the lawn around the swimming pool is higher and it may affect its quality.

Minimizing the amount of traffic on artificial grass is one of the best tips to care for the artificial grass. If it is not possible, you simply rake the grass against the grain to keep the grass standing again.

Sanitizing the artificial grass periodically can help you maintain hygiene. You can use prepared sanitary solutions that are safe for soft carpets and fabrics to clean the lawn. If some areas are more soiled, you need to use more amounts of solution and rinse them thoroughly with a sprinkler or garden hose with a shower setting.

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