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National Greens is the foremost outstanding leader of synthetic golf green environments, playground surfacing, pet runs and synthetic grass for landscaping. There are countless benefits to having synthetic synthetic grass installed at your home or place of business. 

Don’t worry about being , it’s not necessary when it comes down to feeling the appreciation and that pride of owning your own putting green. It’s a total game changer! Which is very advantageous for you, The Avid Golfer. Just think how much your game will improve when you lower your strokes on approach, with even less putts on the green and what about using an artificial grass driving net to strengthen your drive mechanics? By investing in a golf green from National Greens of Little Rock Synthetic Grass, you invest in yourself and your golf game.

For those of you who enjoy a challenge while you play, let Little Rock Synthetic Grass help you exceed your own expectations by creating custom designs with unique features like water hazards and sand traps, including holes and flags. You can also add those special touches with custom lighting, for a truly authentic putting green atmosphere. 

We can help you make your vision a reality. Let  National Greens of Little Rock give you a free estimate today, it only takes a moment to contact us by phone, text or email. 

Here’s some interesting facts to consider. Gardens and lawns aside, Little Rock Synthetic Grass is applicable on a variety of different surfaces which include: decks, patios, pool areas, even roof terraces! Our synthetic grass is resistant to molds and is 100% bacteria-free which is why it is a wonderful asset to wrap around your pool. And due to the specialized backing, not even roots, grass nor weeds can grow through the turf. 

Ahhh yes! Think about all the things you will be relieved from, when you have Little Rock Synthetic Grass install your artificial lawn. Lower water bills, no more sprinkler systems or chemicals, no more lawn care, or raking, or weed eating, and for the love of all things growing, No More Mowing! Your home and/or business will maintain its aesthetic beauty for years and years and will look perfectly manicured (and green) all year around. Wow, think of all that time you’ve just freed up for yourself and your family. 

National Greens of Little Rock provides the perfect, child-friendly surface for tumbling, running, rolling and endless giggles from playing. 

Speaking of playing… a growing number of pro sports organizations have begun turning to artificial grass playing fields, largely because artificial turf is unparalleled in its consistency, reliability, and quality. In fact, it is more likely to give the team a home-field advantage by not only enhancing player safety, but also performance. 

A key element in the designing of our artificial field is the layer of recycled rubber pellets. These pellets provide cushion for protection from impacts on the field, as well as grip for cleats which allows for the athlete to have better control for sudden stopping, starting and running.  

Some may be worried about the costs associated with the installation of artificial turf on their playing field. Now, take into consideration the amount of money you save in the long run  by having your playing field covered with an artificial turf that can and will endure several times the daily wear as opposed to the traditional natural grass. With the investment of an artificial turf

surface, that playing field could sustain a higher level of action, which in turn causes your facility to create a significant increase in their revenue. Think of how many different sports can be played now, without the worry of tearing up the natural grass. The design experts at Little Rock Synthetic Grass can create an amazing facility for your park, school or professional sports stadium.

We all love our adorable little four-legged fur-balls, but aren’t you tired of seeing those yucky brown, discolored spots on your lush green lawns? Those dreaded eye-sores are mainly due to pet waste and worn down trails of high-traffic areas where your pet runs its marathon a few times a day, every day (highly visible on the outskirts of the fence line).  Even though your pet may be the culprit of that dead grass, what can you do? Let us help. Little Rock Synthetic Grass can help save your lawn (and keep your pet out of trouble) by furnishing a comfortable, safe space for your fur-ball-of-joy to “enjoy” being what he is: a dog. He can run and play… and guess what? Your lawn stays in pristine condition (well, at least as far as your furry friend’s havoc-wreaking goes anyways). 

Your worries subside with Little Rock Synthetic Grass’ Pet Turf is installed. You’ll see its highly drainable, and how easily it allows for water run-off,  which prevents pet waste build-up. Another great thing about pet turf is the low maintenance factor. It doesn’t matter if your dog is 5 pounds or 200 pounds, this turf can survive the constant daily running “Marathon” all the while maintaining its appearance years after installation; no fading, no staining, no discoloration. Plus, installing pet turf will save you tremendous amounts of your energy, time, and money, not to mention stress. 

There are many more advantages of installing pet turf. It’s the end of mud-soaked paw prints staining your carpets and the last of the holes dug into your yard. (What are they looking for anyway?) This is a fantastic solution for dog runs and dog kennels, too.

 By giving your dog the gift of Synthetic Dog Turf, you can get back to living while enjoying your outdoor living space.

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