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    Best-in-Class Artificial Sports Turfs for Various Sports


    Baseball field turf is the most flexable installation for budgeting. Baselines, halos, infields are all options.

    Let’s be honest – everything is cheaper in China because it’s made by low-wage workers who cannot even support themselves after 50-hour work weeks.
    Let’s be honest – everything is cheaper in China because it’s made by low-wage workers who cannot even support themselves after 50-hour work weeks.

    National Green – Houston

    If you’re looking for artificial sports turf installation in Austin, your search ends here, as we at National Greens have the ideal sports turf for every requirement. National Greens offers a variety of products for athletic surfacing, from tracks to indoor gymnasiums. We assist sportsmen both on and off the court via innovation, engineering, and commitment. We believe in quality, and we, through our innovations and quality products, want every athlete to be in their best shape and be injury-free so that they can keep performing at the highest level.

    Why Should You Install Indoor Gym Surfaces and Synthetic Grass Athletic Turf on Sports Fields?

    National Greens offers full-service design, consulting, and installation services for artificial grass sports fields. In addition to various recreational grass, we specialize in synthetic and artificial turf systems for professional, college, high school, elementary school, and community sporting fields. When it rains or snows moderately to heavily, natural grass fields will change to mud. It’s a messy issue for everyone involved, not just the players. However, on a field with artificial turf, whether it’s raining or shining, players always leave a flawless field behind, cutting down on field upkeep costs and downtime. Looking for artificial sports turf in Austin? We can help you find the ideal turf you’re looking for. Just contact our experts for a talk! 

    Advantages of Having Artificial  Grass Surfaces

    Athletic fields made of artificial turf are durable and able to withstand numerous back-to-back sessions and games. Real grass turf needs time to recover after intense use before it can be used for play once again. The required field recovery period can limit or conflict with your busy schedule and significantly reduce the field’s potential revenue if you are planning multiple sporting events back-to-back in a congested location. Synthetic grass is the best option for sports fields that are used for multiple activities or even just one activity with regular competitions and events. As immediately as the former team leaves the field, it is set to go and doesn’t need any time to recover. If you want to install an artificial turf sports field in Austin reach out to us at National Greens for the best services.

    What Makes National Green’s Surfaces Unique?

    We’re the leading company for sports turf installation in Austin and we guarantee you that you get the best products and services at the best rates. In comparison to older models of synthetic turf and natural grass, National Greens’ artificial grass contains polyethylene fibers, which greatly reduce contact between both the playing surface and players’ skin. This lowers the risk of abrasions or injuries caused by friction. Additionally, a more anticipated ball roll and lesser player injuries result from the uniformity of the field, the removal of pebbles or other material, as well as the removal of dirt spots. 


    Our products are ideal for soccer fields, tennis courts, batting cages, indoor shot put and hammer training, sled pulls, cross-training, gym flooring, weight lifting areas, and more. Our artificial turf fields in Austin are pretty popular among various athletes due to our quality and also long-lasting products. Sleds and other weight-training implements glide across the surface of the unique blended turf with ease, improving overall speed and efficiency. The positive feedback from our customers has motivated us to keep growing and improving our products according to their needs. We ensure everything we produce and deliver is of the highest quality.

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