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    Playground turf is the ideal ground cover for Kid-Safe Play Areas

    Welcome to National Greens, your premier choice for artificial playground turf in Austin! Looking for a safe and low-maintenance ground cover for your kids’ play area? Look no further than our artificial playground turf. With effective drainage and no need for watering or mowing, our turf has a realistic grassy appearance, providing a soft cushion for injury-free falls. It’s the perfect solution for a safe and hassle-free play surface!

    artificial playground grass Austin

    National Greens of Austin supplies the most advanced playground artificial grass systems that pass federal mandated fall height safty tests up to 9 feet.
    Let’s be honest – everything is cheaper in China because it’s made by low-wage workers who cannot even support themselves after 50-hour work weeks.
    Let’s be honest – everything is cheaper in China because it’s made by low-wage workers who cannot even support themselves after 50-hour work weeks.

    National Green – Austin

    When it comes to your child's safety while playing, it's important to have soft and cushioned ground around the play area to reduce the risk of injuries. Installing playground turf is an excellent way to improve safety around outdoor equipment, whether in your backyard, a local park, or a school. At National Greens, we offer high-quality playground artificial grass in Austin that is carefully designed to last long and withstand various sports activities. Contact us today for affordable and reliable playground solutions.

    Why Choose National Greens for Playground Turfs?

    At National Greens, we offer the best quality artificial playground turf in Austin with the following advantages:

    • Our synthetic turf systems provide a higher level of safety than traditional grass installations, reducing the risk of injuries and allowing kids to play freely.
    • Our playground turfs have a consistent and predictable surface with the option to add cushioned padding, providing a safe and comfortable play environment.
    • Our products are specifically designed for heavy usage areas, making them ideal for parks, schools, daycare centers, and other outdoor play areas.
    • Our artificial playground grass is an allergy-free option that requires low maintenance and water conservation, making it a practical and cost-effective choice.
    • Our artificial grass and synthetic turf materials are designed to maintain their great look and feel year-round without watering, mowing, or fertilizing.
    • We offer affordable solutions for playground turfs with no hidden costs.

    Contact us today for a safe, durable, and low-maintenance playground turf installation to provide kids with a fun and worry-free play experience! You’ll be happy you did!

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