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    Ideal Turf For Pets— Artificial Grass Installations for Pets

    Are you a pet owner who is tired of dealing with muddy paw prints and patches of yellow grass in their lawn? Using pet-friendly artificial grass is the ideal solution for pet owners!

    At National Greens, we understand that pet owners have unique needs and concerns. That’s why we work closely with you to determine your specific requirements before designing a pet grass solution that meets your needs.

    Our expert team will help you choose the right artificial grass for your pets based on size, breed, and behavior. With our professional assistance, you can easily install pet artificial grass in Austin that is safe, durable, and easy to maintain.


    “PET TURF DRAINAGE MAT” blocks pet waste from contaminating compacted gravel base. Water flows under the turf to a drainage outlet.

    “ENVIRO-FILL” is what National Greens’ installs on top of the fake pet grass which makes it washable and stops it from smelling bad. Non-professional artificial turf companies use plain silica sand which has microscopic chasms or voids within each grain of sand. Those spaces are where bacteria, mold, and smells grow rapidly. National Greens’ alternative to silica sand is Enviro-Fill. It’s spherical, round, like tiny little round marbles. This allows rain water to pass through it quickly and rinse all the waste through the pet turf application. If you have an indoor pet facility, a water hose can be used. A well planned drainage system is mandatory for small spaces, pet spas, veterinarian clinics, or pet relief areas at apartment complexes.

    “COOLFLO PET GRASS” is the turf that National Greens of Austin installs for pet ares. Different than other artificial turfs, our turf has a higher whole punch ratio which allows water to flow through it faster. The turf yarn specifically designed for pets is combined with a reflective agent during the extrusion process that keeps the turf 20 degrees cooler than our turf used for sports and lawns.

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    Most Advanced Artificial Grass Pets

    Our pet-friendly turf is designed to withstand heavy use and is specially treated to resist odor and bacteria buildup. This means that your pets can enjoy their outdoor space without causing damage to your lawn or creating unpleasant smells.

    You can trust National Greens to use only the highest quality products and services to ensure you get the best results. So, whether you need a small dog run or a large pet space, we have you covered. Contact us today to learn more about our pet artificial grass installations in Austin.

    Why Choose Artificial Grass Over Real Grass?

    When it comes to pets, artificial grass is a smart choice over real grass for several reasons. Firstly, pets can damage natural grass by digging, running, and repeatedly peeing on it, leading to unsightly muddy patches. However, with artificial grass, such issues are eliminated, saving homeowners the hassle and cost of fixing the problem.

    Moreover, artificial grass for pets from National Greens is specially designed with a unique backing that allows water to run through freely, reducing puddles during rain and minimizing odors. Additionally, it is easy to clean and maintain by simply picking up any waste and hosing down the yard.

    Another advantage of National Greens’ pet turf is its durability. Unlike real grass, which can be damaged by wear and tear, our artificial turf can withstand rough play and is much more resilient to scratches and tears from canine claws. This makes it a great investment for pet owners who want a long-lasting solution for their pets’ outdoor needs.

    Plus, it is an environmentally friendly solution as it eliminates the need for fertilizers, pesticides, and excessive water usage that can harm pets and the environment.

    Contact National Greens to learn more about our high-quality artificial grass pet installations in Austin. Let us get started on creating a pet-friendly outdoor space for your furry friends today!

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    Why Choose National Greens for Your Pet Turf Installation?

    Here are 5 reasons why you should choose National Greens for your pet turf installation:

    Highly educated installation specialists: Our installation specialists are highly educated and complete the job correctly the first time, ensuring that your pet turf installation is done efficiently and effectively.

    Custom-designed pet turf: We design and install our pet turf specifically to meet your unique demands, taking into account every factor that goes into designing the ideal dog run or pet space.

    Affordable pricing: We provide the most affordable pet artificial grass cost in Austin, ensuring that you get high-quality artificial grass for your pets without breaking the bank.

    High-quality products: We have been manufacturing artificial grass of the greatest quality, and our customers rate our products highly. You can trust that our pet turf will withstand canine claws and normal wear and tear, making it a durable and long-lasting investment for your pets.

    Helpful customer service and sales people: Call us right away to speak with one of our helpful specialists about how we can assist you with the installation and custom design of your pet grass. We are always ready to answer any questions you may have and provide you with the best service possible.

    Get The Best Artificial Turf for Pets & Dogs

    We are aware that each pet and owner has unique demands. As a result, we concentrate on discovering the ideal blend of synthetic turf product selection, installation method, and maintenance plan specifically tailored for your pets when installing our pet turf. We collaborate with you to identify the needs of your dogs before designing customized pet grass options to satisfy those demands. For your convenience, our pet artificial grass installation in Austin is an easy and quick process as our experts know how to get the job done without taking too much of your time.

    The needs of your pets are our top priority as we design and install our dog and pet turf. Our synthetic grass turf can blend in with the rest of the property, is simple to clean up after spills, requires little to no upkeep, and is less expensive to install than you might think. We have quality artificial pet grass which can withstand the toughest of pets and ensure that it can deal without any wear and tear. Your dogs will definitely enjoy running around in our pet-friendly grass installations and rest assured your artificial grass installation will remain intact even from the most playful dogs.

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