Artificial Grass for Playground

Artificial Grass for Playground

Artificial grass or Astroturf is a safe and secure alternative to real grass. It is also very helpful and a concrete option for any playground surfacing. The artificial grasses are able to absorb the shock of fall, only if they are paddled well. The base foundation that is laid for artificial grass should be strong enough to absorb the shock of a fall. You will find numerous advantages of artificial grass over real grass. It is always used as a protective surface.

It is better than gravel, sand, pea, or wood chips and artificial grass is also waterproof. The maintenance of artificial grasses is not that hard. It doesn’t require fertilizing or mowing. Hence, it reduces your maintenance cost.

There are various colors for artificial grasses that are available in the market. You can choose from any of the colors, textures, blades, etc. according to your own perception. Due to the recent advancement in artificial grass technology, the grasses that are available now are much softer as compared to the earlier ones and hence, one can get a feel of real grass. Artificial grass that is used for playgrounds is expected to have a very long span. The durability of the grass is longer as compared to real grass.

Artificial grasses are player friendly. Although there are many alternatives to artificial grasses such as rubber tiles, and wood chips, they are not as efficient as artificial grass and their maintenance is high, compared to artificial grasses.

You should always be careful when you put an artificial grass surface. Before installation, make sure that you know what you are doing. It needs the proper amount of fill-in and proper paddling and the quality of the grass is important.

Artificial Grass Saves Water Bill

Due to the awareness of water consumption, many people are starting to use artificial grass instead of natural grass. The use of natural grass requires a lot of maintenance, and many places have water restrictions therefore it makes sense to use synthetic grass when possible. This is the main reason why people are shifting to the use of artificial grass over natural grass.

There has been various research done on artificial grasses and it is proven that artificial grass is more durable than natural grass and that the maintenance cost is lower and it is environment friendly. Hence, artificial grass is gaining much credit, not only at the high school sports level but also in great demand at the professional level sports too.

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