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Why Use Synthetic Golf Greens – Residential & Commercial Benefits

  • The absolute best golf practice at home
  • True ball roll at PGA speed
  • Accepts chips from over 150 yards
  • Great for driving range applications
  • Custom breaks, ridges, undulations, water hazards and sand traps
  • Increased curb appeal and property value

Synthetic Golf Environments

If you are seeking the most advanced training aid for your golf game a backyard putting green will shave the strokes from your game within weeks. Synthetic putting greens are a necessity for tomorrow’s PGA masters.

Now commonly owned, the private golf green makes the difference when competing with your buddies as well. National Greens offers a multitude of design features including sand traps, chipping areas, driving areas, hazards, custom lighting and many other amenities to excite your game of golf.

We create professional tour quality greens that have true ball roll and speeds. Our premium synthetic golf green application hold chips, pitches, and full shots like a natural professional green.

Owning a realistic putting green greatly improves your short game and eliminates costly strokes as you approach the green in competitive play.

We offer several custom flag and chipping pad options for each client’s particular project. Greens can be designed with single holes or multiple for additional practice angles and approach shots.

National greens can provide you with all this in a professional, economical, and timely manner.

Our putting greens are endorsed by Professional PGA Golfers >> View Pro Endorsements

Why National Greens

  • The absolute best golf practice at home or business
  • True ball roll at PGA speed (adjustable stimp speed)
  • Accepts shots from over 150 yards
  • Great for driving range applications
  • Custom breaks, ridges, undulations, water hazards and sand traps

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You’ve made the decision: You want a Putting Green!

Deciding you want this, well that was the easy part. Whether it’s for fun or fortune, there are plenty of advantages to owning your own Putting Green right outside your door (besides the elevation of your Coolness Factor). But one of the main reasons is the affinity you have for the game. You treasure everything it stands for, love it for the sheer sport of it.

Perhaps you want to help your child build their golf skills, teaching them how to practice with their 3-wood to perfect that pendulum-like stroke. Or maybe just spend more quality time with your friends and family.

Visualizing Your Strategy.

When you have identified your goals you want to achieve, figuring out the size and placement of your green will fall into place, just as naturally as a ball into the hole. Once you understand in which areas you need to improve  — lower your handicap, practice chipping and pitching shots, or bringing your A Game to your Short Game — it will be easier to mentally create the obstacles you want to overcome, thus creating the space to fit this golf green into your life and onto your property.

Take a break from your reality and step into your own backyard.

You look over this familiar, yet foreign territory, all the while strategizing and calculating possibilities. Think of the shape and the dimensions, and we can design the green of your dreams.  Now close your eyes for a moment and just picture it. Picture your ideal design, the way it curves and slopes ever so gently. Imagine, get a feel for the challenges you want this Green to present. What specific features will ultimately force you to become the golfer you always knew yourself to be? Your Approach Shot is stellar. You stand at address as the sun begins to rise. Which shot will you choose for your very first swing?

Refining skills in The Art of Golf.

Anyone can hit a ball from just about any angle.  Yet that doesn’t mean you’ll sink it in that hole, unless you’ve taken a little time school yourself, by studying the shot, and making adjustments to your stance, your swing, switching clubs if need be, to deliver the most optimal result. Sinking the shot. That’s your angle.

Designing Your Green.

Because hindsight always has perfect vision, we, at National Greens, offer our assistance by supplying you with practical information and valuable insight regarding your Putting Green.  We bring to life, this dream, designed to exceed even your own desired goals.

Nothing beats the real thing, well, except -in some cases- artificial. But it’s all in how you view it. Daily practice can only tighten up your game. It’s a beautiful thing. Artificial grass can provide year-round playability.

Our synthetic grass, while aesthetically pleasing, is authentically designed to mimic the visual appearance of real grass, and is the perfect substitute for natural grass or heading to the Country Club after a hard day’s work. It is, after all, an investment and will become a permanent fixture to your residence. Having this type of feature can only increase a property’s value.

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Golf Design Process for Synthetic Turf

The National Greens design team creates different variations to show minimum and maximum budget consumption. You can request different options and quickly visualize how they will appear once constructed on site. Our goal is to give the client exactly what they want at the best value possible.

Our design process involves first discussing the hopes of the client in regards to the options, scale, and budget involved. Second we carefully survey the project site in order to understand the natural landscape that will be worked with. Detailed designs and budget are created, then presented to the client for approval. Once approved, work quickly begins and soon your project comes to life before your eyes.

Highly detailed project designs and extensive communication with the client have led to countless satisfied customers as well as award winning home landscapes.

We understand a design needs to be as unique as the clients we serve. As honed designers we produce every project as if it were our own. Passion in design trickles down through all stages of construction. Please browse some of our favorite project designs.

General Construction info about the synthetic golf green

Once the dirt surface is shaped to desire grade, we compact the surface and pin Geotextile Fabric over the complete synthetic golf green work surface. Next we create the shape and surface of the green by laying layers of Crushed Granite in finer grades until it resembles formed concrete. The granite surface it constantly soaked and compacted to insure the surface is uniform and solid.

Putting Green diagram

 See our putting green diagram and application >> View diagram and application

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