Article 2: Prepare Your Outdoor Play Area for Lots of Fun and Frolic

If you run a daycare from your home or if you manage a preschool that offers a summer program, you know the importance of providing a safe outdoor area for kids to play and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine of summer.

Still, if you run a daycare in your home or offer a safe haven for children in the form of a preschool or summer camp option, you should know that grass is in fact not a particularly safe surface for children, particularly young children. Believe it or not, since young children tend either to be rather unsteady on their feet or to otherwise have boundless energy, regular grass is a poor choice for any area on which kids are going to be running around. The falling and tumbling about that is natural for most kids risks serious injury when natural grass is the surface on which they are playing. Even long, luscious grass conceals a hard layer of earth beneath and a fall on this can certainly risk serious injury. To fall on this kind of ground is rather painful in almost every instance and in the worst case, it can cause serious injury, including bumps, bruises, and, in some instances, where there is enough force, broken bones.

Of course, you can’t go ahead and put kids in a bubble to reduce the risk of injury.  Certainly, if you are running a daycare or summer camp, you have to be able to provide a service to the parents or guardians of the children you care for.  And that service should certainly include the provision of a safe, fun environment for the kids to burn off some energy.

Instead of restricting your charges and making for some rather unhappy kids, you can minimize the risk of injury by taking some very simple precautions in the choices you make about your playground or play area turf. Indeed, one of the best and most practical steps you can take to preserve the wellbeing and safety of the children you mind is to install a surface softer than grass.

Artificial grass or synthetic turf offers an excellent protective ground surface for outdoor play areas, including the particularly high risk areas that include climbing frames and raised play equipment.

The unique design of synthetic turf not only provides better cushioning, however, the outermost surface layer is also a lot cleaner and easier to maintain than grass.

Although there is a range of synthetic turf styles to choose from, most of standard turf designs offered by National Greens, include a number of very specific features that help to secure the safety for children:

These safety features include the following:

(a) A granulated rubber layer that allows light to penetrate into the set up even while the entire grass ground offers a soft feel and, among other things, makes it easier to walk around in.

(b) Rounded silica sand that serves as a synthetic soil and creates a soft feel of the entire setup.

(d) A Duraflo ™ Backing System that stands as a mid-ground connection between the substances contained in the upper and lower ground layers.

(e) A leveling layer that allows the water to penetrate through the drainage zone and allow a lengthened stay in the set up to reduce the constant need for water.

(f) A drainage zone that releases water absorbed within the synthetic grass system.

(g) Geotextiles that make it easier for the nutrients from the compost ground to penetrate the upper level of the set up and provide the entire grass with the mineral nutrients it needs from the actual ground to be able to keep its rich green color.

(h) Natural Subgrade (Compost) that acts as a soil-like ground level of the entire set-up, providing access to the natural nutrients needed to make the synthetic grass appear as natural as it should be.

At National Greens, we know how important it is for kids to enjoy the summer outdoors while staying safe and avoiding injury. Based on our many years of experience in the business, we also pride ourselves on our ability to offer top-quality synthetic surfaces and our products are truly designed with our customers in mind. And although the technology we use is truly cutting edge, our prices and fees are designed to be affordable to everyone, from working parents looking to protect their kids in the back yard, to schools, high schools, and colleges playing host to summer camps or looking to ensure that their students are as safe as possible on the turf all year around..

 With us, you never have to compromise on safety or quality just because you are on a tight budget.

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